Zekir Yaman Mansion

According to the 1903 inscription on the wall painting in the main room of the upper story, the mansion was built before this date. The owner of the mansion was Hacı Makro Abastol/Apostolis. After the population exchange, the Yamanlar family, who migrated from Thessaloniki, settled in the mansion, which was initially built as a house.  Zekir Yaman and his family used part of the mansion as a house. Villagers call the house by his name.  Today it serves as a guest house. The two-story building with a pitched roof has a rectangular plan.

The wooden winged entrance door of the building with an arch on is located on the west side. There is a circular lighting window and a niche on the door arch. An open courtyard is entered from the entrance door, and the stairs reach the upper story on the right side of the courtyard. The mansion walls were built from stone using masonry techniques, and wood and iron materials have been used on the door, ceiling, and window elements initially.

Birds figures and star motifs draw attention to the exterior decoration of the mansion, unlike the decorations on other building facades. A niche in the main room of the upper story has a mural. In the center of the composition, a female figure holds a bucket in her left hand and a basket of flowers on her head. The expression “Georgi Pitore” is in the lower-left corner of the mural. Here, “pitore” should refer to the word meaning painter (pittore) in Italian, and “Georgi” should be “Georgios Iordanidis”, one of the well-known painters of the village. The painting is dated 1903.