Senturk Mansion

According to the inscription on the courtyard door, the mansion was built in 1892. The owner before the exchange is known as Hacı Yokavin. The Şentürk family, one of the native families of Mustafapaşa, settled in the mansion after a while and lived here until today. It is known by the name of the family today. The mansion, consisting of two different buildings, is located on a high rock overlooking Mustafapaşa. The house in the north has a two-story, hipped roof and rectangular plan.

A rectangular wooden door provides the entrance to the mansion. It features a depressed-arch and is decorated with floral motifs on the arch and two rosettes. Stones on the mansion walls were built with the masonry technique; wooden and iron materials were used in the doors, ceilings, and windows. The wrought-iron technique was used to construct the stairs that provide access to the upper floor. A double-headed eagle motif on the side of the entrance door faces the courtyard. The main room of the building in the south was completely covered with blue paint and was depicted with floral motifs.