Pingopulos Mansion

The mansion was built in the early 20th century by Vasilios Pingopulos, who was the headman of the village for a while before the population exchange. Actually, the mansion was used not only to be a residence of the Pingopulos family, but also to host official guests coming to the village. The mansion, which was used as a school and lodging after the population exchange, is now the private property of a member of the same family living in Greece.
The three-storey building, located in a position overlooking Sinasos, is located in the garden and has a rectangular plan. The hipped roof structure has a cantilevered facade. The courtyard of the mansion is entered through a profile decorated door on the east side and also through a double-wing wooden door on the south side. There are many rooms, large halls, cellar and a chapel inside the building. There is a balcony on the south side of the interior sofa of the second floor. Stone materials were used on the walls of the building, which were made with the masonry technique, and wood and iron materials were used on the door, ceiling and window elements.