The Old Hotel Natura

The mansion was built in 1885 according to the inscription on the entrance door by Haci Yosuf Yoghan/Iosif Ioannis. The mansion, used as a house before, has functioned as an accommodation and guest house for many years. Since it has functioned as Natura Hotel for many years, it is still more known by this name today. It has two stories and a rectangular plan.

Stone was used on the mansion walls, which was built with the masonry technique, and wooden material was used on the doors, ceiling and windows. The entrance door of the mansion is located on the southwest facade. The building is entered through the two-winged wooden and arched door, and the open courtyard is entered. Behind this courtyard, there is a large garden area in the northeast direction. On the mansion’s entrance door, on a round inscription, there is a Greek inscription with the date April 1888.

On the upper story entrance door, the date of April 16, 1885, and the name of the mansion’s owner are written, and a two-headed eagle figure is depicted. Above this door, there is a circular lighting window and a landing above it. There is a chapel at the entrance of the hall on the north side of the ground story of the building. In another room on this story, there is a secret passage through a wooden cabinet and access to the hospital section located in the basement. In a niche in an upstairs room of the mansion, there is a mural with the figure of a woman and a child in the center of the composition.