About the Project

The content of this website has been created as a result of studies and researches carried out within the scope of the “Signage and Promotion of Mustafapaşa” project carried out by Cappadocia University.

The project, which was supported by the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) unit of Cappadocia University as a “scientific research and community contribution project”, was carried out by the Cappadocia Studies Application and Research Center in the spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.

The goal in this project is to create a database of Mustafaşa’s cultural and natural assets. To this end, first, civil and religious buildings with historical and architectural significance in the village were identified, and an inventory was created including histories, brief stories, photographs and survey drawings of these important structures.  Aside from information on the five valleys on which the settlement is built, brief information is also provided about the valleys that surround it and the natural formations. The database also contains old images of the valleys, where available, as well as new photographs taken to reflect their current status.

It is aimed through the prepared studies to establish a database that can be easily accessed by domestic and foreign people who do not have the chance to visit the region, or who are making preliminary preparations before a visit, as well as by academicians carrying out studies in the region.

For all of the structures included in the project, introductory signboards in Turkish and English, as well as visual materials, will be prepared based on the research outcomes.  This study, which is an output of the project, is planned to be launched following the conclusion of the research studies.

In addition to the information presented on the website, it is aimed to make the village a center of attraction by promoting it around the world through signboards. It will be possible to access the website for more detailed information via QR codes included on the signboards.