What is the NBA in-season tournament? Format, schedule, groups

Achilles was the first club from Drenthe who played in the National championship play off competition. FC Emmen became the second club of Drenthe to do so in the season 2018–2019. From games publishers official leagues, to a http://footballnows.com/s platform for students, the largest French LAN Party or sports federations, Toornament helps organizers manage all their gaming competition projects. During the Knockout Rounds on days when In-Season Tournament games are not scheduled (Wednesday, Dec. 6 and Friday, Dec. 8), the 22 teams that do not qualify for the Knockout Rounds will each play two regular-season games. Achilles won the championship of North Netherlands in 1939 and qualified for the National championship play off competition where they finished 5th.

This makes the described “fair play problematic” constellations more likely. Even two participants who have not yet qualified can often have a theoretical opportunity to achieve a favourable result for both in the last matchday. This applies in particular to the groups with the third matchday scheduled later in the calendar. Furthermore, the concept of determining the “best third-place teams” is questionable. In a tournament with a large number of participants, there are also some participants who are clearly weaker.

  • In some tournaments, in addition to the group winners and group runners-up, four (World Cup 1986, World Cup 1990, World Cup 1994, Euro 2016, Euro 2020) or eight (World Cup 2026, planned) best third-place teams qualify for the knockout phase.
  • In the later rounds of UEFA Champions League, each fixture is played over two legs.
  • Consequently, the result of the last group match has no meaning for these teams.
  • In a “shootout” tournament, players do not change tables until every table has been reduced to one player.

Clubs play a further five matches, against the teams in their half of the division. A multi-stage pool system was implemented by Curling Canada for the Canadian championship curling tournaments (the Scotties Tournament of Hearts for women and the Montana’s Brier for men) starting in 2018. The change was intended to allow the expansion of the main stage of the tournament from twelve to sixteen teams while keeping the round robin at eleven games. The teams are seeded using a ranking system in which points are calculated based on the teams’ results in all competitive bonspiels using a complicated formula. In contrast, teams that fail to qualify for the Championship Pool play only one additional “Placement Round” game against the team that finished in the same position in the opposite pool for the purposes of determining final tournament ranking. Where the number of competitors is larger than a tournament format permits, there may be multiple tournaments held in parallel, with competitors assigned to a particular tournament based on their ranking.

The stretch of time the tournament is set within — from the start of November through the first week of December — might be the most irrelevant part of the NBA schedule. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has wanted to implement it for years, for a variety of reasons. Much like the play-in games, though, it took a long time for him to convince everyone involved to give it a shot. Since their first meeting to kick off group stage play last month, the Bucks and the Knicks had found themselves on the upswing. Entering Tuesday’s matchup, Milwaukee had won nine of its previous 11 contests, while New York had captured seven of its prior nine.

Implement a custom registration workflow by using your own authentication system. The hierarchy of divisions may be linear, or tree-like, as with the English football league pyramid. The Quarterfinals will be played in home markets, while the Semifinals and Championship will be played in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena.


Before its launch, one of the biggest questions surrounding the in-season tournament was why any team would be incentivized to compete in it. By making it part of the regular-season schedule, and making every game count toward the regular season — very important from a playoff tiebreaker standpoint — the NBA created a situation in which it is in teams’ interest to win these games. In 1954 the club entered professional football, playing its home matches in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

Under this system, though, they’ll have every incentive to play and win. After all 30 teams were split into six groups and played four group stage games across November, eight qualified for the quarterfinals with four teams now heading to Las Vegas. The NBA’s inaugural in-season tournament has reached the knockout rounds, which will culminate in one team hoisting the NBA Cup and each of its players walking away with $500,000 in prize money. Organize your circuit with seasons, regions, tiers and rankings. Manage all steps of your competition in one practical dashboard. Set up your tournament structure whatever the game and format.

In Chess, Scrabble, and many other individual games, many tournaments over one or more years contribute to a player’s ranking. However, many team sports involve teams in only one major tournament per year. In European sport, including football, this constitutes the sole ranking for the following season; the top teams from each division of the league are promoted to a higher division, while the bottom teams from a higher division are relegated to a lower one. In some tournaments, in addition to the group winners and group runners-up, four (World Cup 1986, World Cup 1990, World Cup 1994, Euro 2016, Euro 2020) or eight (World Cup 2026, planned) best third-place teams qualify for the knockout phase. In such cases, it is even more likely that several teams will qualify for the knockout stage already after the second matchday. For example, in all groups of the Euro 2020, at least one team qualified for the knockout phase after the second matchday.

Showcase your tournament activities through a dedicated site or white-label platform. Whether you run grassroot tournaments or professional circuits, Toornament makes it all possible. If two such teams meet in the last group match, then it will not have a major tournament impact. It is just a training match with no relevance to the championship. However, such meaningless matches are not always advantageous for the already qualified teams.

The following classification of these problems, with examples from football championships, applies in principle to tournaments in all other sports. In a round-robin tournament, each competitor plays all the others an equal number of times, once in a single round-robin tournament and twice in a double round-robin tournament. However, for large numbers of competitors it may require an unfeasibly large number of rounds. A Swiss system tournament attempts to determine a winner reliably, based on a smaller number of fixtures. Unlike regular Groups format, fixtures are scheduled one round at a time and depending on the results of the previous one; a competitor will play another who has a similar record in previous rounds of the tournament. This allows the top (and bottom) competitors to be determined with fewer rounds than a round-robin, though the middle rankings are unreliable.

Born in the Netherlands, and originally eligible to play for the Netherlands or Morocco at international level, he represented Morocco at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and 2022 FIFA World Cup. Milwaukee put together the kind of unstoppable offense it envisioned when it made the trade to acquire Lillard, generating wide-open 3-pointers all over the floor. The Bucks made 23 of their 38 attempts from deep on Tuesday to shoot 60.5% and outscore the Knicks by 48 points from behind the line. It’s the second time in team history Milwaukee has shot 60% or better on 3-pointers while taking at least 35 attempts. He scored 13 of his 20 points in the third quarter after Phoenix used a 14-0 run to open the second half and erase L.A.’s double-digit lead. He arrived early and starred late, scoring 15 of his 31 points in the fourth quarter to earn L.A.